結婚したらご相談ください~在留資格:日本人の配偶者等(例:結婚ビザ)についてPlease feel free to contact us about visas if you get married ~About the status of residence: Spouse or Child of Japanese National (e.g.Spousal Visa).


Foreigners who marry a Japanese person and wish to live in Japan can obtain a spouse of Japanese national status of residence from the Immigration Department.
We will explain about this status of residence with marriage as an example.


Applicable parties


The status of residence of Spouse or Child of Japanese National is applicable to the following;
・Spouse of Japanese National (Spousal Visa)
・Biological children of Japanese National
・Specially adopted child of Japanese National (Determined by civil law in Japan)


Immigration Bureau conditions (Spousal Visa)






There are various conditions that you must suffice when you apply for the Spouse or Child of Japanese National status of residence.

・The couple must have enough income to live on comfortably.
There is a possibility that your application could be rejected if both parties are yet to find a job, or are employed as contract, temporary or part time employees. This can also apply if it has not been long since both parties started a new job.

・The applicants must have no criminal record

・It must be a real/genuine marriage (not a marriage for visa purposes etc.)
There is a possibility that your application could be rejected if there is too much of an age gap, or if you met your partner through an intermediary service or online dating, or if you are getting married unusually quickly after meeting. This also applies if the Japanese spouse has a history of divorcing foreign persons, or if the foreign spouse has a history divorcing Japanese, if the foreigner has made a false declaration on a visa declaration in the past, or if if foreigner is engaged in illegal activities that will continue after marriage.

In other words, even if the Japanese and foreign national have both submitted marriage registration, it is essential that they have enough income, have no criminal history and have a genuine marriage to receive permission for the spousal visa and live as a married couple in Japan.


The benefits of the Spousal Visa




The status of residence of Spouse or Child of Japanese National has strict conditions to obtain from the Immigration Bureau, but the visa has many advantages.

①No restrictions on work
Most other status of residence restrict part time unskilled labor. They also prevent foreign nationals from changing companies by requiring changes to the status of residence when they do. However, the Spouse or Child of a Japanese National visa has no restrictions on the type of work you can do, and you can freely change jobs and do part time work.

②Easy to upgrade to a Permanent Resident visa
Foreigners with a Japanese spouse can apply for Permanent Residency as long as the following conditions are met.
・The duration of the Spousal Visa is 3 years
・Full married life has continued for at least 3 years
・At least 1 year has been lived in Japan
The Permanent Residency visa has no expiry, so it is very beneficial to have.


Disadvantages of the Spousal Visa





While this visa has many merits, it also has some disadvantages.

①Restrictions to the duration
This visa has only two durations – 1 year and 3 years.
If you would like to continue living in Japan after the visa expires, you must apply for renewal.
You can apply to renew the visa from 2 months prior to expiry.

②When applying for and renewing your visa, you must answer private questions
Questions such as how you met your partner, who you have dated before etc. may be asked in order to determine that you marriage is legitimate when applying for the Spousal visa. You must explain in detail how you met, dated and decided to marry in order to be eligible for the visa.

As you can see from the above, it is very difficult to explain and provide proof when applying for the spousal visa.
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